Why Upgrade to Pro

If you’re using YouTube ShowCase on a medium to high traffic site with more than 15 video or need a more professional looking look and feel, we recommend you to upgrade to Pro edition. Pro edition offers not only more functionality but also is designed to handle higher levels of traffic for large number of content.

In general, upgrade to Pro edition if you:

  1. Are serious about your content; you make money on your content, build a brand, want to look professional, get better results on searches
  2. Want to keep your visitors longer on your site. Custom poster images, more awesome ways to display your YouTube content, overall more professional look and feel
  3. Want to load your site faster. Stats and images are cached in Pro; up to 70% increase!!
  4. Have more than 15 videos and the number keeps increasing. You can use bulk CSV importer or YouTube API to automatically load and update videos on demand or on schedule!
  5. Want to have a uniform look and feel through out your site and protect your brand image:
  6. Want to slice and dice your video content: Pro edition comes with Visual Shortcode Builder which allows you create basic and advanced shortcodes visually. No more spending time trying to figure out why the shortcode did not work.
  7. Want to find and manage your videos using Advanced Smart Search: create and save dynamic filters, filter by any field or taxonomy, export search results to CSV or PDF, sort field lists and more.
  8. Want to simply Drag and drop videos to change their display order.
  9. Want to pick and choose related videos and display them on your video pages.
  10. Want to have a full control on how your videos are played and what happens after they finish playing. Full YouTube API support in Pro.
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